How to Make Future Bass + Hybrid Trap in Ableton

future bass ableton tutorial


We’ll now you don’t have to wonder how the pro’s make future bass sound so full or hybrid trap sound so extraordinary!

Introducing our latest ‘Track from Scratch’ Series! This one is all about Future Bass & Hybrid Trap. Wait. Aren’t those two different genres? We’ll guess what we did to them…

Grab the popcorn and binge watch the sh*t out of this!

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Bamm here it is! Who would have thought and Future Bass first half and then a Hybrid Trap second half could ever work? Oh well, it did, check it out above!!! Feel free to click next on the youtube video to initiate the series or just click here – WATCH THE SERIES

Want to skip to a specific episode?

*note that some things might not make sense and previous episodes were missed.

Part. 1 – Creating the Intro

Part. 2 – Creating the Verse

Part. 3 – Creating an Epic Breakdown

Part. 4 – Creating The Future Bass Drop

Part. 5 – Creating the transition to Hybrid Trap

Part. 6 – Creating the Hybrid Trap Drop

Part. 6 – Putting the finishing touches on the track!

Part. 6 – Mastering with Ozone 8 (Plugin)


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