UK Bass Track From Scratch in Ableton

ableton live uk bass tutorial

After a bunch of comments asking for a UK Bass Series, Sam Antidote thought he’d try out creating a bunch of different UK Bass Basses inside of Serum to get a taste of what this genre was like since he hadn’t tried it before.

Next thing you know it’s getting transformed into a complete series taking the basses made in the first episode and creating an entire track from scratch with them!

So check out the series Playlist below as we tackle the Composition Techniques, Sound Design,FX Processing and Mixing and Mastering of a UK Bassline track from Start to Finish!

Episode 1 – Creating Serum Basses [Click Here]
 – Creating some FM Basses in Serum. The Prelude to the entire series!
Episode 2 – Making the Drop & More [Click Here]
 – A huge 1 hour long episode to get the first chunk of the track done!
Episode 3 – Continuing the Drop & Build Up #2 [Click Here]
– Time for the post Drop to bring the energy down and build it back up into Drop 2
Episode 4 – Drop #2 and Outro [Click Here]
– Time to switch it up for Drop 2 and create the Outro!
Episode 5 – Mixdown Episode [Click Here]
– Now that the track is done, it’s time to work on the Mix and do the final touches on the track!
Episode 6 – Mastering the Track! [Click Here]
– Once again back to the legendary Ozone Plugin to Mastering our tune!
Episode 7 – Project File Download [Click Here]
– Time to download the Project File and have some fun!


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