Antidote Audio Troubleshooting

🔷 Issue Purchasing a Pack

If you’re having trouble purchasing a Product, try both the Stripe Payment Processor and the Paypal Payment Processor (Paypal accepts both Paypal Accounts and Credit Cards) You will receive an email if your payment or order has failed.

🔷 Where’s my Download Link.

  • You can find your download link/s on our Thank You page after your purchase (for desktop) If you purchased any Product using a Phone, Tablet or Desktop, you’ll receive an email providing your order details as well as your download links within minutes.
  • Your can find your download link in the email in the right column under the ‘Downloads’ heading.

🔷 Can I have another download link to re-download my Purchases

Sure, just email us at ‘[email protected]’ with proof of purchase (ie Paypal receipt or purchase confirmation email) and we’ll send you another download link.

🔷 I can’t find my email with my download link?…

  • Occasionally our emails annoyingly end up in your spam folder, so that’s the best place to look first for a missing email.
  • Another occasional occurrence that happens is when customer is filling out their email at the checkout they might make a slight misprint or typo making the email not arrive at the right inbox. Not to worry, if you think this has happened to your or you’d like to change where your confirmation/download email is sent to, please contact us at “[email protected]