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Midtempo in Ableton (Start to Finish Series)

For this series, it’s all about the hard and heavy sounds of Midtempo inside of [...]

Bass House Start to Finish Series in Ableton

Our 2022 Bass House start to finish series in ableton is complete! Watch the series [...]

How to Prepare an Ableton Project for Collaboration

A guide on how to prepare and Ableton Project for collaboration!

Mini Bass House Masterclass in Ableton

Sam Antidote presets a mini Bass House Masterclass

Sidechain Compression in Ableton

Sidechain Compression in Ableton is a staple of electronic music.

2010 Era Dubstep Track From Scratch in Ableton

It’s time for a massive throwback to over 10 years ago where UKF Dubstep was [...]

Pendulum Inspired Track From Scratch in Ableton

To celebrate Pendulum releasing new music, Sam figured it’s time for another ‘Track from Scratch’ [...]

5 Top Tips for Drops, Builds & Breakdowns

We’ve crafted together a wicked new mini series on how to maximise those 3 areas [...]

UK Bass Track From Scratch in Ableton

Composition Techniques, Sound Design,FX Processing and Mixing and Mastering of a UK Bassline track from [...]

Vocal Chop Melodies Tutorial in Ableton! [How To]

Vocal Chops Melodies are key when it comes to most EDM genres.