2010 Era Dubstep Track From Scratch in Ableton

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It’s time for a massive throwback to over 10 years ago where UKF Dubstep was fresh on the scene

It’s time for a massive throwback to over 10 years ago where UKF Dubstep was fresh on the scene, when Skrillex had just dropped the monumental ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP’ and artists like Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, 12th Planet, Excision, Gemini, Nero, Bar 9, Modestep, Emalkay (actually….there’s too many to name haha) were dropping new tunes every other week!

Sam Antidote has always been super passionate about that iconic sound as thats the era where he started getting into dubstep and other EDM genres!  And so as when it came time to start work on another ‘Track from Scratch’ series he thought…. “why not make it inspired by that sound?” Now the track is 100% complete, the entire series, start to finish is up on YouTube and the project file is released. Check it out the 2010 Era Dubstep Series below or click and watch a specific episode!

Episode 1 – Intro [Click Here]
 – Time to get the ball rolling and work on the intro and first verse!
Episode 2 – Build Up [Click Here]
 – The almighty build up gets created as we pick up the energy to slam it into the first drop!
Episode 3 – Drop #1 [Click Here]
– It’s the one we’ve all be waiting for. It’s drop time!
Episode 4 – Bridge/Breakdown [Click Here]
– A long episode creating the breakdown, verse 2 and build 2!
Episode 5 – Drop #2 [Click Here]
– We grab the first drop and flip it on its head to create #2!
Episode 6 – Mastering the Track [Click Here]
– For this mastering episode, we’re only using effects in Ableton from 2010!
Episode 7 – Completed Track & Download [Click Here]
– It’s time to listen to the track from start to finish and download the Ableton Project!





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