Pendulum Inspired Track From Scratch in Ableton

pendulum antidote audio

Pendulum are finally back after 10-11 years, releasing new music once again and Sam Antidote is over the moon!

To celebrate them releasing new music, Sam figured it’s time for another ‘Track from Scratch’ Series inside of Ableton to dive deep into Pendulum’s classic sound!

And now the series is done! So check out the series Playlist below as the series covers Composition Techniques, Sound Design,FX Processing, Guitar Riffs, Drum Design and Mixing and Mastering of this Pendulum Inspired track from Start to Finish!

Episode 1 – Creating The Sub Bass [Click Here]
 – Staring off the track with the Sub Bass and creating the bass progression!
Episode 2 – Making the Drums [Click Here]
 – A huge episode on making all the drums and structuring them out across the track.
Episode 3 – Guitar Recording Session [Click Here]
– Recording the Guitar and processing it with FX!
Episode 4 – Chords & Stuff [Click Here]
– To complete the harmony section, it’s time to add more chords to accompany the guitar!
Episode 5 – Leads & Melodies [Click Here]
– Time to layer up the main lead as well as other mini leads to flesh out the track!
Episode 6 – Vocals & Vocal Processing [Click Here]
– Layering and Processing the vocals with Vocoders!
Episode 7 – Fx Tracks [Click Here]
– Filling in the blanks and helping the flow with Risers & Downsweeps!
Episode 8 – Mixing The Track [Click Here]
– A huge Mixing Episode to complete the track ready for mastering.
Episode 9 – Mastering The Track [Click Here]
– Mastering the Track with Ozone and referencing heaps of Pendulum Tracks!
Episode 10 – Completed Track [Click Here]
– Final, Completed track with Streaming and Download Links





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