FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

✅ Are your Sample & Serum Packs Royalty Free?

Any pack you purchase from Antidote Audio is 100% royalty free for personal/commercial use. What does this mean? It means you can use your bought sounds in your own songs and commercially release your songs. These sounds are licensed to you, not sold to you. Redistribution and packaging is strictly prohibited. To see our complete terms and licensing information click here.

✅ Who does the art work for your Sound Packs?

Safe to say, Antidote Audio wouldn’t look the way it looks without the very talented graphic designer László Magyar. He has been with us since the start and is insanely good at what he does. If you want to get in contact with him for your own projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to him to discuss your ideas in mind –

✅ What is your refund policy? [Antidote Audio Quality Guarantee]

We pride ourselves on being passionate and confident in our Packs since we put so much time into them. Any pack you purchase from our store has a 30 day money back guarantee. So this means if you’re not 100% with your purchase, simply just get in contact with us and ask for a full refund! PS. 99.992% of our customers never use this option 🙂

✅ Can I get a discount for buying multiple Sound Packs?

Yes you can, either check out our pre-assembled bundles from our bundles page here – – or you can email us (see below tab “Have a Question”) to ask for a special bundled discount.

✅ Are your Free Packs Royalty Free Also?

Any Free pack released solely by us is Royalty Free. Any collaborative Free packs on the site are mostly for Personal Use only…

✅ Are your Sound Pack Prices Tax Inclusive or Exclusive

All our pack prices posted on our website are tax inclusive. Our pack prices are determined on the pack’s price in USD and then converted to your local currency and then has your local taxes applied based on where you are shopping from for example VAT or GST. This is done by our service provider “Fast Spring” Please note some prices of our packs on other websites such as Instagram Shopping or Facebook will most likely show our prices as tax exclusive. You’ll also have the option to input your VAT or GST number during out checkout.

✅ How long does a Sound Pack take to make?

Anywhere from a few months to half a year. We are very particular on the sounds we want to put out into the world. Typically with each pack we usually end up scrapping a huge chunk of the sounds we create in the design process if they’re not up to our standard. For example, ‘Jack of Spades‘ our largest pack size wise and time wise was started at the end of 2019 and released in august 2020. (It was a huge effort.) We’d love to release more packs more often, but don’t want to release anything we don’t fully believe in.

✅ Are your Hiring?

At this moment in time we are not hiring sorry.

✅ Can I re-download a past purchase?

After you’re purchase is complete you will receive an email receipt with your download links. Hold on to this email to re-download your packs in the future and for proof of purchase. If for whatever reason you need to download your purchase(s) again and and your email download isn’t working. Please reach out to us as soon as possible with your order number so we can send you another download.