Bass House Start to Finish Series in Ableton

Our 2022 Bass House start to finish series in ableton is complete! Watch the series and download the project file here

Since the last series was released in mid/late 2019, Sam Antidote thought it was due time for another Bass House Start to Finish Series!

Just like the last one, it is packed full of sound design tips and tricks, composition, structuring, mixing and mastering to cover all aspects of creating heavy bass house inside of Ableton 10.

However, although similar topics are covered across the series, this start to finish track has a harder edge. The first drop is carried by an absolute slammer of a bass created by a simple Operator patch and a huge processing ‘phat rack’ to beef it up. The 2nd drop goes ‘full Joyryde’ and switches into a trap drop before flipping back into the bass house mayhem.

So what are you waiting for, check out the series below and dive deep into the track!


Episode 1 – Creating the Intro [Click Here]
Getting to grooves with the start of the song, working on basic sound design and drums to build the energy

Episode 2 – Creating the Breakdown Build Up [Click Here]
Shaping the track with the build up to increase the energy to build it up into the first drop!

Episode 3 – Creating the Drop [Click Here]
The first drop! Bringing in the heavy bass lines, pre drop fake outs and structuring the drop specifically for bass house.

Episode 4 – Creating the Post Drop [Click Here]
Post drop time! Adding in a melodic section to help keep the drop even more engaging and keep the energy flowing!

Episode 5 – Creating the Breakdown [Click Here]
The all important breakdown section to help transition the energy down, giving the listeners a brief break before bringing it back for the 2nd drop!

Episode 6 – Creating the 2nd Drop [Click Here]
We’re slamming in the 2nd drop hard and switching it up with a track drop before flipping back into bass house!

Episode 8 – Mastering the Track [Click Here]
Mastering with Ozone 9, but up against Soundcloud’s mastered by dolby and Ozones Master Assistant feature!

Episode 10 – Free Download of the Project [Click Here]

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