Midtempo in Ableton (Start to Finish Series)

ableton project file midtempo

For this series, it’s all about the hard and heavy sounds of Midtempo inside of ableton!

For this series, it’s all about the hard and heavy sounds of Midtempo inside of ableton!

If you’re unfamiliar with the genre Midtempo, think of a tempo of around 100bpm, heavy drums, bitcrushed basses and dark moody leads/arps. Or perhaps you’ve heard of epic midtempo artists like REZZ, 1788-L, K?d, Blanke or LICK?….

I figured this series was long overdue on our channel and what fun it has been! It’s always an absolute blast creating a new track from scratch on the channel. In this series, Im covering: Sound Design, Composition, Arrangment, Mixing, Fx Processing and More!


Episode 1 – Creating the Intro/Verse [Click Here]
Time to get the ball rolling! Establish the industrial, sinister theme and build up the drums for the track

Episode 2 – Creating the Breakdown & Build Up [Click Here]
Carrying the energy onwards from the verse, we’re building up the moment towards the first drop!

Episode 3 – Creating the Drop [Click Here]
The first drop! Inspired by Rezz’s classic sound, were going for a bitcrushed, heavy bass with a huge drum sound!

Episode 4 – Creating the Breakdown [Click Here]
Carrying on with the bass progression from the previous episode, its time to strip things back and create a break in the track before the 2nd drop!

Episode 5 – Creating the 2nd Drop [Click Here]
Anything goes! It’s time to bring in something completely different and unexpected for the 2nd drop!

Episode 6 – Completed Track [Click Here]
Mixed and Mastered, the Midtempo track is completed! That concludes the end of the Midtempo Ableton series! Download the Free Project file of the track 🙂

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