How to Make Bass House in Ableton

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Inspired by the likes of Joyryde and Habstrakt, Sam Antidote set to work on creating a new, a complete bass house in ableton series

After the epic reception and response of the last “Track from Scratch Series” (In the style of Flume) it was time for a brand new “Track from Scratch Series.”

Inspired by the likes of Joyryde and Habstrakt, Sam Antidote set to work on creating a new, start to finish series inside of Ableton Live using as many creative techniques as possible to create the different elements for a Bass House track.

Across the 10 Episode series we’ll be covering almost everything there is to creating a Bass House tune. Section by section each episode covers a new part of the track as it is built from empty Ableton Project to full on track!

So check out the series Playlist below as we tackle the Composition Techniques, Sound Design,FX Processing and Mixing and Mastering of a Bass House Ableton track from Start to Finish!


Episode 1 – Creating the Intro [Click Here] – The first 16 Bars of the tune. Shaping the Drums and building up the intro effects and lead in into the build up.

Episode 2 – Creating the Breakdown Build Up [Click Here] – Transforming and shaping the energy leading into the first drop through vocal chops, drum fills, riser effects and creating the all important ‘Pre-Drop Vocal Phrase’

Episode 3 – Creating the Drop [Click Here]– The almighty first drop, it needs to hit hard! In this one we use a combination of xFer Serum, recorded sounds, samples and a lot of OTT

Episode 4 – Creating the Drop Part 2 [Click Here]– The 2nd half of the drop! We take the first half and add more energy, subtle changes and introduce new sounds for variation in the tune

Episode 5 – Creating the Switch Up [Click Here]– The switch up is the section where the Drop changes from being bass dominant to having a more melodic influence. aka Part 3 of the Drop!

Episode 6 – Creating the Break [Click Here]– Time to transition the energy from the first Drop section into the breakbeat section of the track using vocal chops, leads and more!

Episode 7 – Creating the Breakbeat Section [Click Here]– The breakbeat section is all about the classic drum break with a Knife Party influenced sound.

Episode 8 – Creating the Final Drop [Click Here]– The last drop and the outro is upon us, time to make it absolutely bonkers!

Episode 9 – Mastering the Track with Ozone! [Click Here]– Now that the track is finished, it’s now time to master the tune with iZotope’s legendary Ozone mastering plugin to get it ready for all sound systems.

Episode 10 – Free Download of the Project [Click Here]

Next up:
Noisia Inspired Series, UK Bass Series, Pendulum Inspired Series, 2010 Era Dubstep Series


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