Flume Inspired Track From Scratch – Antidote Audio

ableton live future bass

What started as a ‘Flume Inspired 10 Minute Drop Challenge” video, due to popular demand quickly turned into a full blown series to create a whole track inspired by the legend that is Flume!

The purpose of this Series is to show people how to be creative with their sound design and then craft those sounds in a way that Flume would potentially do to structure a song. It’s not meant to be a complete reverse engineer guide to his music, rather than an approach or a different angle on how to do something.

So check out the series below as we dive into Composition Techniques, Sound Design and FX Processing in the style of Flume from start to finish.

”👇Watch 👇” expand=”true” link=”https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBH4etIv_DoQl5caYxhKmM6ttVYwkFame” target=”_blank”]

Episode 1 – 10 Minute Drop Video (First Drop)
Episode 2 – Creating The Intro
Episode 3 – Creating The Build Up
Episode 4 – Verse
Episode 5 – Breakdown
Episode 6 – 2nd Drop
Episode 7 – Final Mix
Episode 8 – Mastering the Track with Ozone VST


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