How to make EASY Risers & Downsweeps in Ableton!

ableton fx tutorial

So you probably know about the Ping Pong Delay in Ableton…

But, do you know it can create some crazy Risers and Downsweeps in Ableton? It’s such a simple little trick that all Ableton users needs to know about! It’s just a matter of rewiring how the PingPong Delay behaves when applying it’s effect.

Curious? Check out the quick tutorial below to learn this neat trick!

How to make EASY Risers & Downsweeps in Ableton!

Neat trick right?

I’d say this is one of the best ways to help add build an tension in a track or transition to new sections, particularly breakdowns or drops!

Go ahead, open up Ableton and try it out! And did you know the trick to creating the classic 8bit sound is just through one ableton plugin as well? Click here to watch

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