Mini Bass House Masterclass in Ableton

mini bass house masterclass

Sam Antidote presets a mini Bass House Masterclass

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Bass House. 
Having been introduced to ‘EDM’ through old electro house and complextro, it’s no wonder I’m keen on the classic 4 to the floor rhythms, epic groove and intense basses when it comes to bass house.

Having made quite a few tutorials on the genre over the years over on YouTube and various sample packs as well, I felt it was time to pool all my best tips and tricks to create a mini masterclass of sorts to showcase what I believe are all the essential elements to creating an awesome Bass House drop. In the jam packed mini bass house master class episode below, we’ll be diving into:

The Swing Rhythm
The importance of groove and that ‘swung rhythm’ to give your drums a shuffle step.

Bass Design
2 Types of classic bass house basses, Screechers and Thumpers!

909 Magic
909 Open Hi Hat classic magic from House Music!

Vocal chops for added background texture!

Variation Tips
Ending sections for variation in your tracks!

Classic G-House Elements
Vocal adlibs can do a lot when placed in different rhythmic locations in a drop.

Empty Spaces
Backing drum loops to fill in the empty spaces of a mix!

How to bring the flow down with structuring and low pass filters.

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