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Sam Antidote presets a mini Bass House Masterclass

Serum is one of the best VSTs you can have at the moment.
And no, I’m not being paid to say that or an affiliate whatsoever. That is just my honest opinion. This plugin is now 8 years old and still an extremely versatile and is such a great all round synth.

Serum is whats known as a ‘wavetable’ synthesisers which allows you to use any small snippet of sound or ‘waveform’ as your oscillators to build your sound. Just that alone allows so many possibilities but factor that in with Serum’s LFO and Envelope mapping, huge modulation section and built in effects, all this tied together is what makes Serum so powerful!

So naturally it became a must have synth for electronic producers all over the world regardless of the style of music they make. So to help Producers gets started into the world of sound design with Serum, we’ve been putting together some serum sound design tutorials to cover all the essentials!

A great lead sound is hard to come by, or make. Dialling in the right waveform and then effects to make it stand out and cut through the mix is essential! In this tutorial I’m covering my favourite way to get a great lead sound.

For all the bass head producers out there, you’ve gotta have growl basses on standby to be able to drop into your tracks easily. In this one I’m breaking down how to create a brutal growl bass in under 10 minutes.

If you’re into more melodic sounding music and venture into future bass, trap, colour bass, midtempo electro etc etc. The classic wub chord sound is also a good one to have on standby in your Serum Library and good news they’re very easy to make!

In this one im breaking down what I think are 3 key bass styles for Bass House inside of Serum. Wubbers, Thumpers and Screechers. The different kinds of basses you smash together in an complextro arrangement to get epic sounding bass house!

This one is different to the basses above as it incorporates a 
rhythm built into the bass, more of a “press one note and it plays out an epic bass line” kind of sound. Super fun and easily customisable to shape it even further.

It doesn’t matter what kind of electro music you make and big chunky Reese bass is a must have for everyone as they’re so versatile. From house to drum & bass, dubstep, pop, future bass and more!


Uk Bass is imfamous for its dirty sounding gritty wub basses that just go hard. And would you believe it they’re really easy to make. And you can just switch out the wavetbales (basic ones work best) to create all sorts of new basses so quickly!

808 Kicks
Cant have a tutorials list without mentioning how to make 808 kicks now can we? In Serum they’re pretty strait forward, but what makes them so fun in Serum is the onboard harmonic controls and distortion effects to make your 808s unique!

Bass House Siren!
Well not just limited to bass house the screechy siren is a good fx left for any kind of music that needs additional hype added to the top of it. Ideal for drum & bass and Bass House!

And lastly similar to the bass house wub bass this dubstep bass is an essential rhythmic heavy bass for all dubstep producers that can just be used for a lot of drops!

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Serum Sound Design Tutorials

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