4 Modern & Proven Ways to Promote your Music

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Promoting your music and actually getting results requires two things. Good Music and the Right Placement.
You can focus on the good music and we can show you the right placement! We’ve complied our top 4 ways to help you build your fan base and make sure you’re getting your music in front of the right people, posting on the right platforms and more to build your audience and fan base!

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Obviously the best place to start is through social media. It’s cheap, easy, free and you’re in control. The more time you invest the better the results and the more engaging fans you have the better. Notice how I mentioned ‘engaging?’ That is so much more important that followers and likes.

Imaging having 100,000 likes on Facebook but only having 3% (3,000 fans) engaging with your content and new music? On the other hand someone with only 10,000 likes could have an engagement rate 40%. Thats 4,000 people compared to 3,000 yet the likes are 10x less…

The only numbers that should matter are how many fans are engaging by liking, clicking, commenting and sharing etc 🙂

The best things to do to promoting yourself is by regularly posting snippets of your new song, album art, lyrics, music videos, behind the scenes, remixes of the song, you in the studio etc. Posting content and doing it regularly is key!

Figure out what works best for you. Posting daily? Every second day? Twice a day? The most engagement the better, but remember it’s easy to overdo it and you don’t want to spam your followers feed.

social media

Social Media Method Proven By: Meatport 
Meatport is active on all social media platforms. Everyone engages with his content so he stays fresh in their minds and then when its time to release a new track, all of his engaging fans check out his music because they’re used to the interaction and they feel more connected.


If you’ve heard the phrase “its not what you know it’s who you know.” This rings so true in the music industry.

Having friends and connections in higher places can be so beneficial to helping you to and your career. They can have the power to get you and your music places. Once these influential people like your music, they’ll want to show it to as many people as possible.

Ideal connections to have are, Radio DJs, A&R’s, Record Label Managers, Playlist Curators, Event Owners, Club Dj’s

Just get out there and attend events, shows, livestreams etc and just be friendly, introduce yourself and see what happens. The reason Skrillex got on Deadmau5’s label was the fact that he handed Joel a USB with his music on it at a show…

artist connections

Connections Method Proven By: Artists on a Major Label 
One thing that Major Labels like, Universal, Sony, Epic & Warner all have in common is there massive connections to get the music on their label onto radio, clubs, tv commercials and more.


The great thing about blogs is that their audiences are pure music fans, they are there for the music and music related things like upcoming shows, gossip, new releases etc. The chance for you to get your music in front of these music fans may be easier than you think.

Music blog examples, EDM.com, Thissongissick, Dancing Astronaut, Paperplanes, Pitchfork, Your EDM,

Usually these blogs with have a music submission process. They’ll most likely have a ‘submit feature’ next to ‘contact’ tab or if not a contact email address. Try submitting your tunes to these blogs and if your a little stuck on what to write? Check this out. (click here)  Keep in mind that these blogs typically have a massive waiting list and don’t have the time to reply to every single submission they receive so don’t be put off id you don’t get a reply within a few days, perhaps move onto another blog.

antidote audio music blogs

Blogs Method Proven By: Zombie Penthouse
Although no longer together, Zombie Penthouse had the right idea of submitting their hard hitting trap and hybrid tunes to blogs like EDM.com. Without fail every couple of months they would release a new tune and EDM.com would like it so much that they would promote it giving Zombie Penthouse a massive surge of exposure and plays each time.


The great thing about playlists on these platforms is that there are so many different kinds of playlists for different situations and moods in everyday life. Music for Running, Music for the Gym, Music for the Pre-Party, Music for The Daily Commute, Music to relax to etc etc, the list goes on and on.

So what would we recommend doing? Sit back, get a pen and pad, listen to your track and write down the mood, the energy, the situations where you could see your track being played at, what you were influenced by at the time of writing etc. Go in-depth! Once you have a solid list, start searching the internet and streaming platforms and start sending your music to playlists that fit your songs vibes.

Spotify has recently rolled out a new feature to submit your tracks for Playlist Consideration, meaning you can get your music onto top Spotify Playlists with massive established fan bases. It’s a brilliant step in the right direction for musicians and it’s so easy – Read About it Here

Don’t know where to look for playlists? Try searching for them on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music, the best way to search for them are using keywords that reflect your music which could be things like, “Gym” “Drum & Bass” “Energy” “Relaxed” “Party,”

Then try contacting the owner through a message or email and seeing if they would be open to checking out your music in consideration for their playlist. Just like blogs, the glorious thing about Playlists is that the fan bases are established and just waiting for new music!

blogs and playlists

Playlists Method Proven By: INF1N1TE
Robbie is dominating on Spotify right now. Being featured on Spotify Playlists such as Dubstep Don & Bass Arcade. These playlists are helping to get his music in front of the right audience and therefore boosting his fans base constantly!


The concept behind these methods are simple. Think of where people listen to music most and then slot yourself right in the middle! So quick recap.

Social Media. People are looking for entertainment, entertain them with your song or a funny or awesome video with your song.

Connections. People with jobs in the industry that revolve around music. So get your music to these influential people.

Blogs. People visit blogs to get the latest news or music. Let that music be yours!

Playlists. People listen to these playlists for a reason, if the playlist fits your track style, get it there!

Music marketing is all about getting your music to the right audience, so which one are you going to focus on first?…


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