EDM Music Marketing: How to Promote Your Music in 2018 on Soundcloud

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Back when Soundcloud was less saturated, a massive chunk of your followers would check out your new tune, comment & repost it if they loved it. This was obviously wonderful for the artist as they could upload their new track sit back and watch their track start to gain traction. But today sadly this isn’t the case…

With over 10 Million music creators on the platform, let’s be real, it’s sadly, very easy for your music to get lost in the swarm of things and to have all that hard work go unnoticed.

Now in 2018 the artist has to wear the ‘hat’ of musician/artist/producer AND music promoter/manager.

However do not despair! There are still many methods out there to promote your music on Soundcloud and help reach the on average 175 Million users a month!

We’ve collected some ideas to get you going to help promote your music on Soundcloud.


The method which is relatively known but under utilised is Soundcloud Promo Channels.

These Soundcloud channels are all about one thing. Finding and promoting the best new artists and tracks!

So what you’ll want to do is start by making yourself known. Drop some lengthy comments on their tracks, maybe repost some favourites and all the things that surround becoming a regular fan.

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Sidebar for: Bangerlist Promo

Usually these big promo channels will have a demo submit on the right sidebar of their profile. Submit your music there (these channels prefer exclusive original tracks and not remixes btw) 

By being friendly and supporting them like a fan, they’re much more likely to put you in a good light even before they hear your music. Then if they accept your music and what to upload it on their profile you could find your music reaching a totally new audience!

Same Sized Followers

No matter what size you are you’re going to get a bigger and bigger investment when you tap into a community of same sized followers. If you think about it from the perspective as other producers that have the same number of followers/size, they all in the same position as you and wanting to boost their exposure/plays/fans.

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So how do you go about “Same-Sized-Followers-Marketing?”

Simple, you go and find other producers/artists who have a similar sized following. You can for these people using Soundcloud’s search function. From here you ask these producers to form a group (could be through Facebook or a group chat) and ask them to form a little community with you so you can collaborate/repost/feedback/comment on each others tracks.

If you each feed off each others fans/time/growth you’ll be able to all grow your channels at a rapid rate as opposed to just working by yourself. And whats more they help you get those first few plays and comments.

You’ll also be inclined to motivate each other and inspire one another because you are all in the same stage at growing your music career. This is a win win!

Use Tags to your Advantage

People are always constantly searching for new music and the latest sound. By having great tags in place you can make it easier for people to find you and possibly even discover you through the Soundcloud-Auto-Play feature. Always be prepared!


Find your Fans

Here’s an idea. It may be a time consuming one but it works in the long term. Do a search of your favourite style of music or the style of music you produce.

As you’re looking through these tracks from your search results, look at the comments sections. Look for the meaningful lengthy comments, not ones that are look like they took 2 seconds to write and moved on to the next track as means of quick attention grabbers.


These lengthy commenters are the fans you want! Go check out their music and drop them some meaningful comments on their music, chances are they’ll be thankful and check your music!

And then this becomes a cycle as someone might check out your lengthy comment and check out your music…

Repost Chains

Whether you love them or hate them they are still effective and relatively cost free.

The principle behind the Repost Chain is that you join a ‘chain’ of people/producers willing to exchange reposts on each others Soundcloud accounts.

Say if Producer A releases a new track this week, Producer B & C will then repost this track. Producer B releases a track the following week so Producer A & C will repost the track. Finally Producer C releases a track the following week so Producer A & B will then repost it. This is a quick way for producers to combine audiences and reach hundreds, if not thousands of new people.

So the question is, how do you get into Repost Chains?…

Well the first thing you could do would be to ask your producer friends if they are involved with Repost Chains and ask who they got in touch with to make this happen or if they organised it themselves. Another method to find these chains would be to google Soundcloud Repost Chains or scout Soundcloud and look for people who look like they would promote or repost music. 

However if you do this method too much you run the risk of alienating your followers by filling up their Soundcloud feed with tracks that have nothing to do with will the original artists they follow.

So Don’t Be That Guy and exhaust your followers and post/repost too much. The value of the repost is determined of the frequency of the reposting. If an artist reposts once everyday their repost value might not be the same as an artist who reposts only once a month…


Planning to not post anything for a while? Need an extra boost? Why not post a playlist?

Playlists are a great way to boost your tracks but up the Soundcloud feed again. Simply put your latest track in a new playlist and call it the song’s name. Or you could group your releases into new playlist. eg. Free Downloads, Royalty Free Tracks, Collabs, Offical Releases, Remixes…

An example of what we did is post our FREE DOWNLOADS playlist to the top of our Spotlight on Soundcloud. Seeing as these Free downloads are the most popular on our profile, why not make them all in an easier location and be the first thing people see?

free sample packs

Don’t forget to take advantage of that ‘buy now’ link! It might be a good idea to redirect your fans to your Spotify profile or your Bandcamp. Look at it this way, you have their attention, now what do you want to show them?…


It’s going to be hard work but these methods will work because they have worked before, they are proven. Remember your ultimate goal is to get your music in front of new people who are likely to find your music interesting and become lifelong fans.

So just remember that the next time it comes to promoting your music “where are peoples attention on this platform and how can I get in front of them…”

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