Free Lofi Samples List for Music Producers

lofi samples

Free Lofi samples list

Intricate jazz inspired chords, chilled atmosphere textures, slightly off grid rhythms. Lofi beats are becoming more and more popular across the globe as they’re so perfect for studying, creating, relaxing or just chilling out.

If you want to get into the genre or just looking for new sounds to work with, good news! We’ve complied a list of as many free lofi sample packs as we could find. See for yourself below ūüôā

Please note that some of these links require you to follow the artist who made the packs in order to download the pack. These Soundcloud follows are just a simple way of giving back to the producers who have put time in effort into giving you an epic free pack! 

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FREE Lofi Samples List:

Cymatics Lofi Tool Kit  DOWNLOAD

Landr Lofi Samples  DOWNLOAD

Loop Crate Chill Samples DOWNLOAD

Purple Slush Royalty Free Lofi Sounds  DOWNLOAD

Hiphop Makers: 20 Lo-fi Samples DOWNLOAD

Whoneedstochill: Old Vibes Vol.1 DOWNLOAD

Cymatics Eternity Lofi Pack DOWNLOAD


Lofi Weekly Packs DOWNLOAD

Free Loop Friday Pack #7 DOWNLOAD

Juesswork Р Roughcuts Drum Kit DOWNLOAD

Mondo Loops РLofi Guitar Pack DOWNLOAD

Loopcrate 2020 Pack DOWNLOAD

Jason Breyer РDaydreams DOWNLOAD


Loopcrate 2020 Pack DOWNLOAD

Hello Samples Organic Drums & Foley DOWNLOAD

Sample Ocean Lofi Hiphop Drum Kit DOWNLOAD

100K Lofi Sample Pack РL. Dre DOWNLOAD

Ray & Brax РLofi Samples DOWNLOAD


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