Free Future Bass Sample Packs

future bass sample pack

A list of free future bass sample packs for music producers.

We’ve done a Free Dubstep Sample Pack list and now it’s time for the Future Bass Free Samples list! Below we’ve got links for Drums, Vocals, Serum Presets & More! Enjoy!

Please note that almost all of these links require you to follow the artist who made the packs in order to download the pack. These Soundcloud follows are just a simple way of giving back to the producers who have put time in effort into giving you an epic free pack! 

* All links will open in a new tab (we got you fam)

FREE Future Bass Sample Packs [Antidote Audio]

We created create quite a few Future Bass packs along with the help of some fellow producers, check out the list below!

Antidote Audio Advent Mega Free Pack DOWNLOAD

Antidote Audio x Takeaway Sounds Free Vocal Pack DOWNLOAD

Antidote Audio x NoDusk Free Trap Pack DOWNLOAD

Heaqh & Ooyah Future Bass Pack DOWNLOAD

NGO Free Vocal Chop One Shots DOWNLOAD

Antidote Audio x EDM Template Future Bass Ableton Mega Pack DOWNLOAD

FREE Future Bass Sample Packs [Across the Web]

Soundshock Future Bass Sample & Preset Pack  DOWNLOAD

Samplified Peyote Sample Pack DOWNLOAD

WA Future Bass Mega Pack DOWNLOAD

Skifonix Sounds 05 – Future Bass Essentials DOWNLOAD

Nodusk Future Bass Movements Pack DOWNLOAD

Nodusk Future Vocal Chops DOWNLOAD

Mego Mega Future Bass Pack DOWNLOAD

Stiickzz Pro Future Bass Sounds 1-4 DOWNLOAD



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