Antidote Audio Licensing & Terms

Licence Information and End User Agreement

The Audio Recordings, Presets, MIDI Files & Project Files contained in Antidote Audio products are licensed not sold to you, the individual end user by Antidote Audio. This non transferable and non exchangeable licence is granted to the end user ONLY THROUGH PURCHASE either from ‘’ or any other authorised Distributor.

From henceforth in this agreement the Audio Recordings, Midi Files, Presets and Project files within the products will be referred to as the (“sounds”) 

End users are licensed the non exclusive rights to use the sounds contained in the products 100% royalty free in commercial or non commercial musical works. These rights are only granted to the end user by Antidote Audio through the purchase of a product. The licensed, non exclusive rights are only granted to the product(s) that the end user purchases.

By purchase of these products, the end user agrees to all terms and conditions in this agreement.

Any Recording, Midi File, Preset or Project File contained within Antidote Audio products remain the property of Antidote Audio. The licensee may not claim ownership of The Sounds within these packs.

The end user agrees that repackaging, reselling, gifting or relicensing any sounds in part or whole contained within Antidote Audio products to other individuals or groups is strictly prohibited. The Sounds contained in the Products may not be sold as part of another sample library whether modified or not.

The end user may not copy or sell The Sounds except when used in productions as part of a greater body of work. Such Productions include, and are not limited to; Music, Games, Live Performances, Commercials, Tutorials, Compact Disc, Radio and Broadcasting.

The licence agreements are effective for the lifetime of the purchaser. Antidote Audio reserves the right to revoke a granted license if any part of this agreement is breached.




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