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SAVIORS: Vocal Phrases & Samples

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When a song blows up, what is the main thing everyone remembers?

The Vocals.

The human voice adds aspects to a track that cannot be replicated or recreated digitally. Vocals bring another level of emotion and life to your track.

Adding vocals to an average song can turn it into a great song, so imagine combining them to a track that’s already amazing.


“Truly unique and quality vocals. Vocals of this quality are so hard to come by.”


“This is the pack I’ve been searching for for so long. I’ve always needed this.”


“These Vocals are so incredibly catchy. Both Antidote and the Vocalists are amazing


“Incredible work from Antidote as usual. I can’t wait to put these vocals to use”


SAVIORS CONTAINS 1.6GB Uncompressed 24bit, 44.1Khz Wav Audio Files

12 Massive Song Starters with Dry, Mixed, Doubles, Backing & Harmonies Included (204 Wet Vocals & 155 Dry Vocals)

21 Vocal One Shot Cuts

112 Vocal Shouts

13 Vocoder Loops

(Tempos Stems & Phrases are between 80BPM & 174BPM)


Feel like there’s a missing element in your track? Chances are it could be vocals?

The Vocals inside Saviors are recorded in a Professional Studio and written and performed by a range of amazing Male & Female vocalists. This pack is perfect for Melodic Genres such as Pop, Future Bass, House, Electro, Future Bass & Hip Hop.

As we’re sure you know, the right vocal can take an amazing song and turn it into a hit. It’s time to discover your next hit inside Saviors Vocals.


Question: What Exactly Is In This Pack, Are They Royalty Free?

Answer: A massive collection of vocals, with a huge variety of both tempos and styles perfect for Pop, Electro Future Bass & Other Melodic Genres. The total size of the pack is 1.6Gb. Yes, these vocals are Royalty Free for Personal Use. For larger corporation, email us.

Question: What if I don’t like the pack? Is there a guarantee?

Answer: Yes. All of our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Question: What DAW do I need to use these vocal samples?

Answer: Any DAW will work with these samples. For Example, Ableton, Fl Studio, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Bit Wig, Reason etc etc.

Question: How long will it take to get access?

Answer: You will have access to your purchase immediately. You will be directed to a download, and a copy will be sent to your email in case you need to re download it.

$37 add to cart