"Theres no money to be made in the music industry as a producer" BULL SH*T! There are many ways you just have to be a little creative, there is a massive want for music or live music almost everywhere. Music is the soundtrack to peoples lives. We talk about 12 ways that you can make money in the industry.

Selify - https://sellfy.com/
Bandcamp - https://bandcamp.com/
Tunecore - http://www.tunecore.com.au/
Distrokid - https://distrokid.com/
Cdbaby - https://members.cdbaby.com/sell-music
Label Engine - https://label-engine.com/

PODCAST: Gaining exposure, Fans & Plays

In this podcast we talk about ideas and methods on how to get your name out there, improve your stats on your music and marketing yourself. We cover collaborations, youtube, soundcloud, gating, remixing, marketing and more.

Fluence - https://fluence.io/
Cloudkillers - http://www.cloudkillers.com/


We chat to Blvk Sheep about branding, producing, promo & marketing! Download the Free PDF here - https://theartistunion.com/tracks/159b05

Marketing Pack Vol.2 here


We started of with no topic but within 2 minutes we were onto a topic. How to create content if you're a musician/producer/artist. We talk content ideas for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. And how to stay consistent and 'relevant' without having to post music all the time.

Dreahok music video idea -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaACfNtEfO4
Sams tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Zihs5pOzFQ

PODCAST: Talking Creativity

A walkthough/tutorial showing how Sam creates a intro/verse/breakdown/build in ableton. 37:48 to hear what I make..

00:00 - Intro
18:55 - Build & Other Stuff

Well a heap of you guys seemed to enjoy the "dubstep verse" episode so and I was inspired by a James Bond film which gave me the motivation/inspiration to make the intro. So here we are, I go through a few sound design things/structure things and all that other good stuff, pretty raw and uncut. Enjoy!

PODCAST: Things i wish i knew earlier

Podcast Time again. In this one we discuss; contracts, competition, starting out, marketing, practice, mistakes, growth and a bit of banter thrown in

PODCAST: YOutube vs Soundcloud

We talk the pros and cons of soundcloud and youtube and how things are at the moment (early 2017) on the two biggest social media platforms for music and what you should know!