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TUTORIAL: VOcal synths

Sam takes a vocal from our vocal pack "Saviors" and turns a small selection of vocal into a pad inside simpler using some crafty FX that can be played like piano. Sounds almost like choir, with a few tweaks can sound like a synth.

SAVIORS VOCAl phrases & Samples

When a song blows up, what is the main thing everyone remembers?

The Vocals.

The human voice adds aspects to a track that cannot be replicated or recreated digitally. Vocals bring another level of emotion and life to your track.

Adding vocals to an average song can turn it into a great song, so imagine combining them to a track that's already amazing.


Ever wondered how to create that almost ghost like, reversed fx leading into vocals? It's easier than it sounds. Sam shows you how to make this effect in the latest Antidote tutorial! As well as some crafty effects that can turn that effect into something even more special


Mellotunes is a massive selection of loops and samples for both Future Bass and Trap musicians.

Combining the styles of unique artists such as marshmello, San Holo, and more with aspects of popular Future Bass and Trap music, Mellotunes will not only provide you will endless ways to start and complete a song, but also has hundreds of catchy melodies that will make your music memorable.

1.66 Gb of Content - A huge variety of loops and samples, spread across a staggering 1.66 Gb of content. 63 Vocal Chops - Chopped vocal loops and samples, perfect for use as a lead or to fill up space in the background. 43 FX Samples - Build and release tension like a pro with these 43 unique FX samples. 2 Ableton Projects & 2 FL Studio Projects - To jumpstart ideas and productions, and see how to utilise this pack and its contents. 218 Synth Loops & 200+ MIDI - Over 200 catchy synth loops that will make your music more memorable. 147 Drum Shots & 146 Drum Loops - Drums primed for Future Bass and Trap, making finding the right sample easy

TUTORIAL: Chill Bass in Ableton's Analog

The latest tutorial is all about making that deep/wide chill bass that you have heard perhaps in most pop songs and maybe even in some of Burial's music. But most commonly found in liquid bass? This is a must know for everyone as it works well will everything!