Ultimate Basses VOl.1 & 2

Previously only available in the Ultimate Basses Collection offered to only a few individuals, we've decided to make the pack available to everyone. Inside is some of the nastiest and most disgusting bass one shots and loops you've ever heard specifically made for the future producers of Dubstep, Hybrid & Drumstep.

Best part? Only $5 for 1 or $7 for both volumes


It's part 6 of the series! In this one Sam writes and constructs the bridge/breakdown (whatever you want to call it) in the dubstep song we've been making almost from scratch.

Not long to go now until the song is done. Just the final drop, outro, touch ups, mixing and then mastering!

Coming Soon:

  • Final Drop
  • Song touch ups
  • Mixdown
  • Master

CODE:Pandorum Free Dubstep Pack

Get the Free Pack From the 'The Husk' Here - http://thehusk.ca/gate.asp?t=310474484
Follow Code:Pandorum - https://soundcloud.com/codepandorum

Oh my, this freebie is next level. The dude behind Code:Pandorum is a next level sound designer! This freebie is a must have! Watch Sam run through this pack in ableton to make a mini dubstep teaser. 

JURASSIC FOr xfer serum

It's a Prehistoric take over. No Holds Barred.

101 of the best Dubstep & Hybird Presets for Xfer Serum and 39 Savage Wavetables.

Unleash some of these gnarly, brutal and vicious presets and wavetables in your tracks to obliterate the competition. Ranging from basses to leads and FX, we've got you covered.

It's time to wake the dinosaurs...


A walkthough/tutorial showing how Sam creates a intro/verse/breakdown/build in ableton. 37:48 to hear what I make..

00:00 - Intro
18:55 - Build & Other Stuff

Well a heap of you guys seemed to enjoy the "dubstep verse" episode so and I was inspired by a James Bond film which gave me the motivation/inspiration to make the intro. So here we are, I go through a few sound design things/structure things and all that other good stuff, pretty raw and uncut. Enjoy!