5 Top Tips for Drops, Builds & Breakdowns

5 top tips for tracks

Build Ups, Drops & Breakdowns.

3 Key sections when it comes to making ‘electronic’ music of the dance variety.
[See, i didn’t say EDM] 

Over on our Youtube channel, we’ve crafted together a wicked new mini series on how to maximise those 3 areas in a track. We share some ideas on what to add, what to work on, how to layer these ideas in and so on! This is our 5 Top Tips Mini Series. Check each episode out below!

EP. 1 Build Ups
In EP 1 We’re covering using automation on the master channel, using filtering to your advantage, the pros of using faster drums, how to craft energetic drums and the simplicity of Riser FX.

EP. 2 Drops
Changing things up in EP 2 talking grouping basses with saturation, crash selection, separating your sub bass, adding wide layers and how random sound FX can add so much more.

EP. 3 Breakdown Sections
Lastly in EP 3, the top tips are on transitioning energy with risers and downsweeps, adding in different progressions, big reverbs, using filters on specific elements and old recycling sounds…

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