Ableton Running Slow? Free up CPU with Freeze & Flatten

ableton speed up

It can be a pain when you’re on a role in Ableton only to have that laggy, distorted sound emerge through your speakers and you session turn to crap

Chances are you have too many plugins open or have a CPU hog Sampler open (Kontakt or Nexus is often the culprit). However Freezing & Flattening is a technique every Ableton user should know!

Freezing is the ability to render a whole channel inside Ableton to audio and still keep your plugin settings there (although you wont be able to move then unless you unfreeze it). If you then Flatten a Frozen channel, Ableton essentially renders that whole track/channel to audio and then places that audio file in your session in place of the old channel

So instead of your computers CPU reading and processing all your plugins and effects for a specific channel it just reads the new audio render with the channels effects applied and in the audio.

So don’t waste anytime with annoying lagging Ableton sessions, learn how to Freeze & Flatten below!

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