Podcast 6:

We started talking about 5 distinct artists in the EDM scene with a unique sound and their rise to fame and ended up talking about creativity in general.

Podcast 5:

Who ever said the music industry has no jobs or money out there? Sam & Anton discus 12 different ways on how to make make money as a music producers. Covering everything from ghost producing, playing live, royalties and so on...


Podcast: 4

In this podcast we talk about ideas and methods on how to get your name out there, improve your stats on your music and marketing yourself. We cover collaborations, youtube, soundcloud, gating, remixing, marketing and more.


Podcast: 3

We started of with no topic but within 2 minutes we were onto a topic. How to create content if you're a musician/producer/artist. We talk content ideas for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. And how to stay consistent and 'relevant' without having to post music all the time.


Podcast: 2

Podcast Time again. In this one we discuss; contracts, competition, starting out, marketing, practice, mistakes, growth and a bit of banter thrown in


Podcast: 1

New segment where 'we' talk about music related topics and we want you to respond and put your 2 cents in the comments! First up we are talking about pros and cons of Soundcloud and Youtube and how things are at the moment on the two biggest social media platforms for music.