Noisia Inspired Track From Scratch in Ableton

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After hearing the sad news that Noisia will be splitting up at the end of 2020, I decided to dedicate the next ‘Track from Scratch Series’ to the classic Noisia Style. They have been my production idols for the last decade, but I’ve actually never managed to create a song in their style because… well it’s Noisia after all!!!

Their sound design is one of a kind, they’re gods at what they do! So, inspired by their sound and the sad news of their departure from the Noisia ‘brand’ I set to work researching their sound/style, opened up Ableton Live and set to work on the new Track from Scratch Series!…

So check out the series Playlist below as we tackle the Composition Techniques, Sound Design,FX Processing and Mixing and Mastering of a Noisia Inspired track from Start to Finish!

Episode 1 – Creating the Intro [Click Here]
 – Setting the scene, creating a Noisia-like atmosphere to introduce the track!
Episode 2 – Creating the Breakdown Build Up [Click Here]
 – Shaping and building the energy up into the all important first drop!
Episode 3 – Creating the Drop (Variation 1) [Click Here]
– Creating Drop #1 goes somewhat to plan and ends up sounding more ‘Pendulum’ and ‘Sub Focus’ compared to Noisia…
Episode 4 – Creating the Drop (Variation 2) [Click Here]
– Attempt #2 at the drop. Pulling elements from variation 1, it’s time to create a new direction for the drop using some crafty reese basses.
Episode 5 – Creating the Post Drop Section [Click Here]
– The classic section after the drop where the energy is retained and the track is made DJ friendly for transitions.
Episode 6 – Mini Episode – Bass Fix [Click Here]
– Back tracking to make a new bass to help with the drop!
Episode 7 – Mini Episode – Filler Fix [Click Here]
– Back tracking to layer up the filler section in the middle of the drop!
Episode 8 – Creating the Breakdown & Build [Click Here]
– Same same but different? We craft the breakdown and 2nd Build using elements from the first drop and adding more ideas to this section.
Episode 9 – Creating the 2nd Drop [Click Here]

– The crucial 2nd Drop. Expect the unexpected, it’s time to go heavier!
Episode 10 – Mixing the Track [Click Here]

– A huge 2 hour long episode making sure everything is perfect in the track before it’s rendered and sent to the mastering stage.
Episode 11 – Mini Episode – Reese Bass for the 2nd Drop [Click Here]

– The 2nd Drop needs a little more variation and a nice heavy reese bass should help with that.
Episode 12 – Mastering the Track [Click Here]

– Now that the track is finished, it’s now time to master the tune to get it ready for all sound systems.
Episode 13 – Project File Download [Click Here]

– It’s download time! [Software and Plugins Required] – Ableton Live 10 Suite, Serum, Fm8, Ozone 7


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