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Vocal Pack by Takeaway Sound & Malarkey

Featuring Over 300mb of vocal content, this is a huge Freebie!. Containing, Loops, Adlibs, Pitched Vocals, Stems, & Shouts, this pack has a lot going for it!

At the time this was just a sign of bigger things to come, we later teamed up with Takeaway Sound again to create our massive 1.6gb vocal pack Saviors.

Foley PAck Vol.1 (250+ SAMPLES)

This Foley Pack contains over 250 Foley Raw One Shots recorded in our home town of Auckland City.

This pack is perfect for adding natural sounding percussion or glitchy elements to your tracks and who knows what else. Inside the pack are sounds like...

  • Grate Sounds, Chain Sounds, Metal Hits, Padlocks, Plastic Bins, Pipelines, Rails & More


Licks, Riffs & Rhythms? This Pack has it all. Another Free Pack courtesy of the legends over at Takeaway Sound.

Featuring clean and vintage sounding guitars, recorded In 4 different styles (Breeze, New Orleans, Spring Night & York) this pack is your perfect start for a summer hit! (75-100BPM)


Filled with mini drum loops, drum one shots and of course filthy Neurobass, this pack is a great start for those looking to mess around with some Neurobasses or even get you "Koan Sound' on with some heavy glitch hop!

25 Drums & 20 Neurobasses