It doesn’t matter what style you create. Perfect bass-heavy tunes all have one thing in common:

Hard hitting, no nonsense, high quality drums.

These drums were designed for one purpose. To efficiently and effectively create massive and powerful drops

Special Summer Sale Price Ends in:


So what's everyone saying about INFECTED


"Definately a high- energy and extensive sample pack with a lot of impact :D"


"God approves"


"The drums sound awesome, will be using them for sure!!!"


"Such a complete pack, ghosts love it! Def a go to!"

What's inside Infected?

Infected Contains:

  • 100+ Claps
  • 50+ Kicks
  • 50 Stabs
  • 40+ 808s
  • 20+ Toms
  • 100+ Snares
  • 100+ Drum Loops
  • 50+ FX
  • 50+ Perc
  • 40+ Cymbals
  • Ableton Project File
  • FL Studio Project File

    Audio Examples


    Question: How long will it take to get access?

    Answer: You will have access to your purchase immediately.  You will be directed to a download, and a copy will be sent to your email in case you need to re download it.

    Question: How big is the pack?

    Answer: 495.7mb zipped

    Question: What if I don't like the pack? Is there a guarantee?

    Answer: Yes. All of our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't completely happy. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

    Question: What programs do I need for this pack?

    Answer: Any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) can import and use the samples and loops in this pack. However, Ableton Live 9 and/or FL Studio 12 are needed to run the project files, and there are instances of Xfer Serum inside the project files. The project files will run without Serum

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