How To Support Your Fellow Music Producers

how to support music producers

How to support your music producer friends in the industry!


It’s 2021 now and music production is getting as popular as learning a guitar was 15-25 years ago. With FL Studio getting around 30,000 downloads a day its needless to say that there are many, many producers out there and chances are you probably know a few!

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So if your Producer buddies are serious on making it big time in the music industry, then why not help make their dream a reality! We’ve complied a list of relatively easy things YOU can do to support your friends that add up and make subtle but big difference.

Social Proof

Lets face it, when you see a track on Soundcloud or video on Youtube with no comments or favourites/likes versus a track thats stacked with comments, plays and favourites you’re more likely to think that the one with the attention, since its more established and probably going to be a better song?

It’s almost as if someone is almost like judging a book by its cover. It’s sad to say that Social Proof through public plays and stats typically reflects the majority of peoples mind frame and judgment before they even play it. Which in reality is strange because that track could actually be a hidden gem.

So with Social Proof through numbers, stats and ratings it can actually help prove to be a good first impression for new listeners when it comes to them discovering and listening to new music.

So what can you do to help you fellow Music Producers with adding Social Proof to their songs?

  • Comments
  • Favourites/Likes
  • Plays
  • Reposts
  • And Subscribers, Followers and Likes help show to everyone that this artist has a gathering around their music.
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If you’re really close to the Music Producer for example; living with them or seeing them constantly, then be prepared to hear endless ‘works in progress’ and demos and be prepared to give some provide solid feedback.

One of the best ways for a producer to learn and improve is to pay attention to solid feedback. You don’t have to be a musician yourself to describe the way the music makes you feel. Comment on the build up, the energy, the flow, the different elements (the mixing) and whether the different sections blend and work.

If any of the phrases come up AFTER your feedback

  • it isn’t mixed
  • these headphones/speakers aren’t good
  • it’s just an idea

Maybe it’s a good idea to back off on the feedback cause chances are they’re being defensive or it really isn’t finished and they were just dying to show you what they’ve come up with, in that case be honoured they wanted to show you the music so early!


It’s a simple one, turn up to their shows and stand close, make some noise!

This is not only good for their egos (lol) but should help inspire confidence into the performer and make for a better performance.

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Also by showing heavy interest at the show and music, others in the audience (who maybe unfamiliar with the act) will also respond to this motion. If the crowds energy is contagious it will quickly spread to everyone else.


If you really want to go the extra mile and take your support to the next level and you’re seeing your Producer buddy making leaps and bounds, then why not share their music with your other friends, talk them up, add it to your playlists, stream it, get their names out there, get others to come to their show.

If theres one thing you should know about the music industry, it’s that the more opportunities the artist can get to pushing their music out there and getting it in front of new people, The Better! You never know who you’re going to bump into, a record executive, a youtube music promoter or a playlist curator?

These people have the power to take the music so much further! And you could be the one that helps your buddy open that door to success!


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