Track Feedback

THIS SERVICE IS: Open & Currently at $9 a track

Real & Honest feedback for musicians/producers wanting a second opinion or advice on their songs.

Unfortunately it has reached the point where we are so busy, that we just don't have the time to take out of our schedules to listen and provide indepth feedback to all the music that gets sent our way for free...

So we are introducing this method for people requesting music feedback.

Of course we will still aim to do a free feedback livestream from the Antidote Audio Facebook page once a week and we will be potentially extending that out to Youtube as well. But we just get so swamped with people asking to check out their tunes and we feel like our feedback could be a lot deeper but we just don't have the time to do this anymore for free. This is also service for those wanting to remain private rather than have their feedback broadcasted across the internet in a live show.

So with that being said, if you want us to check out your music and give feedback we will be charging you for our time.

Currently the price is $9 a song. This price may go up depending on the frequency at which this service is demanded and the time we have available for it. So jump on this opportunity if this is what you are interested in.


How it works.

  • You request feedback from the red button above. 
  • You will be directed to Gumroad where you pay.
  • You are then directed to an Antidote page where you send your music to a special email.
  • We receive your email with your track link/download
  • Sam starts an audio recording of your track being played and provides some real time comments (if needed.) He then gives his feedback after your song has finished. Discussing the mix, master, track ideas, structure, flow etc
  • We send this audio recording back to you!


  • The feedback could be short or long, depends on what is picked up during the song.
  • Feedback turn around is within 48 hours (should be 24hrs but cant confirm that)
  • Feedback will be based around mixdown, ideas, mastering (if wanted) and song structure
  • This is for one listening session for 1 song. No repeat send ins if you re-tweak a song after a feedback session
  • If you want to schedule more than one song eg. An EP/Album, email '' for a special rate
  • This is not a repost service.
  • Song length limit is 10mins
  • Anyone of any skill level can submit a tune! (We will try our best with any genre. Speciality is dubstep, dnb, hybrid, electro, glitch, trap, future bass, bass house *basically anything heavy haha)