Music Marketing Ideas Vol.1 [PODCAST]

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Although highly saturated now, repost trading is still a way on how to get your music on to the masses at virtually no cost. You could hit up similar sized artists/producers and asked to repost trade with them (you repost one of their tracks, in exchange they repost one of your tracks) even by just approach other artists, this method can build to lasting relationships and connections with your fellow producers and who knows what could happen in the future? However if you do this method too much you could alienate your followers by filling up their Soundcloud feed with tracks that have nothing to do with them. Don’t Be That Guy.



Marketing on Youtube can be a great way to help build awareness to your music and build connections with many influential people in the creative industry. Here are a few avenues to think about:

  1. Music Promotion Channels – These channels are dedicated to discovering the next best thing in music so if that song blows in the future and people want to listen to it on Youtube this will get them a lot of traffic (views) on their video which leads to Youtube’s ad-sense revenue. Landing your song on a big promo channel with a large amount of subscribers can help you get a foot in the door and reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time.
  2. Vloggers & Gaming – Vloggers & Gamer fans are loyal no doubt about it. If you land your song in a successful Youtuber gamer or Vloggers videos, that is a big win! (take my word for it) These dedicated fans will hear your song in these videos and either A) love it and check out your music or B) not get it strait away, hear it in the next few videos and become warmed to it and then check out your music or C) just not like it and do nothing about it. This is a subtle type of marketing that isn’t pushy but is really effective and has great reoccurring growth as their videos constantly get more views.

How to do this? Check out their ‘about’ section on their channel and most of them should have a business email for you to reach out to them. If they don’t, find them on other social media and see if you can privately message them that way, dont just leave a comment on their videos saying “Check out my new song” first impressions are everything and attempting to get their attention that way and re-direct their fans off their video on to you (and potentially lose them more adsense revenue) you’re not in their good books (plus your comment with a link will go strait to spam).

It must be said that you must have good music to get on these channels and make an impact on their audience and make them want to listen to more. Also worth noting you must allow these channels to use your music copyright free (so they can use the song and monetise their video) If your song gets their video claimed and the cant monetise thier video, expect a very short relationship with them. Remixes wont get you anywhere sad to say, These channels look for original music.


Communities could be on: Youtube, Facebook Groups, Reddit, Forums…

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No matter what size you are you’re going to get a bigger and bigger investment when you tap into a community of same sized followers (they all in the same position as you and wanting to boost their exposure. When you collaborate, you’re branching out and sharing your fan bases (doubling your normal reach) Same rules apply with the repost trading apply, look for same sized producers.


Similar to music promo channels, music bloggers are all about finding the next best thing, the only difference is these websites are more open to bootlegs & remixes. When I say Music Blog websites Im talking about sites like & thissongissick etc. Although you might have to pay to have your track reviewed & feedbacked because of the influx of submissions it is a good place to start but getting your music in front of their audience is very rewarding.


This is a touchy subject for some, “I only do it for the love of music” is a common response when talking about this subject, to answer it? If thats how you feel, thats fine, you can get a 9-5 job that allows you to keep doing your music as a hobby. Consider this, if you use Facebook ads to promote your music, if you pay for a music blog to check out/review and potentially repost that track, play for flyers for your upcoming gig, is that for the love of music?

Music is a business, I wish it was as easy as “I’m going to be a music producer, upload your first track to Soundcloud and 100,000 people/fans check it out and you get a pay check every week. For the bigger established artists it is, but the truth is it’s going to be hard to get to that stage, if music is your life and you’re wanting be playing that mainstage in a few years time and turn this into your FULL TIME job, you cant be scared to invest in you own music.

Methods of Paid Promotion, flyers for your next gig, Facebook ads to advertise a new song, paid collabs, paid reposts, Hypeddit headliners, music vlogs, (see below). Anywhere where you can land your music in front of an audience…


Here’s some crazy ideas: “I’m going to remix a track everyday for this week” great! 7 more chances for people on the internet to listen to your music and plus who doesn’t love a good remix, Club DJs certainly do!

“Im going to create a day dedicated to dubstep, called dubstep day and get as many people to celebrate it with me as possible” Awesome, you’ll be known as the pioneer for this event and you could increase you music awareness at this online or outdoor celebration.

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It’s all about consistency and being the first to come up with a new idea. There’s a reason why big Youtubers upload every day, it keeps their fanbases engaged and provides more opportunities (365 more opportunities a year) for people to discover their videos chances are they were the first to saturate thier niche as well (first ones making GTA videos? First ones customising skateboards? First ones using a Sausage Fattener on everything? think outside the box).

As Gary Vee would say “consistency is king!” Think how you could apply that to your music? Create a new genre and then upload new ones of that genre consistently. I’m not meaning a new track everyday, but even if you do produce everyday, your skills will go through the roof! What about a new track every Friday as a possibility?…

7. FLUENCE.IO is a platform where you get your music in front of influential people (vloggers, CEOs, A&Rs etc etc) and it’s affordable (most of the time), and it’s not just ‘pay for them to listen,’ they will give you feedback if they take your money, you essential pay for their time. So, professional people in your industry give you valuable feedback on what to improve on your music, what they like, or whats more if they love it, this idea would be so hard to do 10 or so years ago, you’d have to know people who knew the top dogs to land you an interview or a listening session. Whats more if the influencers on Fluence like your music it could lead to more opportunities? “Click Here To Check Out Fluence”


There are many ways to get your music out there. Each year it’s getting easier to promote your music because of the internet and ideas people are thinking up. Remember to tap into these new ideas for promo as they quickly become saturated and lose their value. You just have to think, how can I get my music in front of people who would like my music? Where do they congregate?…

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