10 Iconic Launchpad/Finger Drumming Videos!

launchpad performance

Whether its on a launchpad, Mashine or MPC, finger drumming videos have helped explode careers and also show the outside world that we can actually play our music we create on computers! haha. If you’re new to the whole ‘production’ scene and you need your mind blow, well, brace yourself!

MADEON – Pop Culture

Clocking over 41 Million views (at the time of posting this) this has been one of those classic videos that every aspiring DJ/Producer has seen. This performance no doubt helped Madeon’s career, but also showed all the bedroom producers out there that there is a relatively inexpensive way to have fun and play your music live without djing or having a rig like Daft Punk. If by chance you are in that 1% of producers world wide that haven’t seen this video. Do watch it and then let me blow your mind even more by telling you it was made in 2011!

Jeremy Ellis On The New MASCHINE Generation

Although an ad for Native Instruments new (at the time) Mashine controller, this routine is still so sick! Every time I watch the video, I lose my sh*t at 2:38! I try to remind myself that many musical instruments require both hands moving at different times to play different notes, but I mean c’mon, this is still just wow!!!!

M4SONIC – Virus

Anddddd another launchpad video! M4SONIC completely blew the world away when he dropped his iconic Skrillex mashup video ‘Weapon,’ and although that video was insanely impressive, this routine dropped shortly after just made me go “no f*cken way, i don’t believe it!!!!!!” Using 1 hand per launchpad this is just beyond words. Although we have plenty of dual launchpad routines now, nothing like this existed when this video was uploaded back in 2012. No wonder Ultra Music signed him when they did, they knew they were onto something good! Just. Watch.

Shawn Wasabi – Burnt Rice

Using what was at the time a mystery, but now know as the DJTT Midi Fighter 64, Shawn Wasabi quickly rose to the league of top dog youtube music performers! I mean, what can you even say about such a video? The timing is just impeccable, the track is just a pure banger, and it even has its own light show! And all of his videos are like this! He is no one hit wonder.

Mad Zach – Push 1 Performance

It was a challange in itself just pick 1 Mad Zach video (I may have picked 2),  I mean he has so many incredible videos! Mad Zach can kill it on what ever he touches; Midi Fighters, Launchpads, Machines, Kontrol F1s? You name it, he’s jammed on it. Zach is just a legend and he’s the reason why so many producers got into finger drumming in the first place because of his tutorials. And he showed the world that there are more options for midi controllers/drum pads other than the launchpad haha.

NEV – Equinox (Skrillex Launchpad Cover)

At the time where everyone was getting into launchpad videos, Nev just decided to raise the bar even more by ‘playing’ a light show at the same time. Since then, light shows on the Launchpads have really taken off. Even Novation (Launchpad creators) started using light shows in their videos after Nev. What’s more with this vide, Nev even decided to give this away for free! That’s right you can download this whole project! Link in the description.

ArrabMuzik – Routine

ArrabMuzik is hands down the most amazing MPC player of all time, this dude has legendary timing and whats more he does his performances with classic MPC’s from Akai like the Renaissance in this video! (no computer) Bonus: Any video you watch that has him in it, you can guarantee that there will be inappropriate comments suggesting what other skills he can do with them fingers…


Although not as technical as some of the others posted in this list. This video still deserves a massive mention! How many people do you know take a Maschine to their DJ set and bust out a cheeky live routine? Not many! Playing it on his shoulder like an instrument just looks sick. Recording a video in your bedroom for youtube, you can do more than 1 take, but playing it at a show with the added stress of being in a live environment? Bass Kleph, shoutout to you!

ARIUS – Purple Lamborghini (REMIX)

I bet Trap City are sure glad they uploaded this video! With over 20 Million views, there’s are reason why! 

MAD ZACH – New Traktor S4 & S2 & iOS Showcase

I wanted to fit this into the selection of videos on this list even though it’s gear designed strictly for finger drumming. Going back to back with himself with a Traktor Kontrol S4 & a S2, it just shows how insanely talented Mad Zach is and a reminder for us to think outside the box when playing live. Sure you can throw down a wicked live set with DJ gear, but remember you can also creative something truely unique by combining DJ elements with sample triggering…


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