Ableton Live Tutorials (How To’s)

learn ableton live

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are, it is essential in music production that you never stop learning. New tips on how to get fatten bass-lines, keyboard shortcuts, cleaner ways to mix. There’s always something new to learn, especially in Ableton!

So what we’ve done is complied all of our youtube Ableton tutorials into one easy webpage for you to check out. We narrowed down the most popular tutorials by category and saved everything else as a youtube playlist for you to just binge watch when you want to. Enjoy!

First up let’s get into some vocal related tutorials! The top left is (as the name describes) turns a vocal into a clean pad/synth using the very powerful and underrated Simper.

And the top right you might not understand from the title but its one of those sounds you will know when you hear it. It’s a classic sound used in heaps of pop tunes.

Moving onto the misc videos that are quite popular on the channel, the top left video is all about creating that classic pitch drop vinyl stop sound effect (this one is perfect for beginners)

And to the top right is creating a clean 808 through Analog. Then we proceeded to smash and distort the living daylights out of it to create a distorted, brutal 808.

We’ve recently started up a new series on our channel called “Backbone of the Drop” This series is all about unearth how the pro’s create the backing sections of their drop and all the subtle and not so subtle features that give the drop so much power and movement.

And onto a couple of series on the channel! The top left is a work in progress (new ones every week) and it’s all about creating a Future Bass & Hybrid Trap Track from Scratch! The first drop is Future bass & the 2nd will be a Hybrid Banger!

And the series to the right is Complextro! Believe it or not, we couldn’t find a “how to make complextro” in Ableton. So we fixed that issue!

And that’s all for now, we dont want to overwhelm you with 60+ odd youtube tutorials. But if you’re ready for more. Here’s all our Ableton tutorials below in one easy to access playlist. You can save this playlist on youtube and revisit it whenever you want. Enjoy!