How To Make an 808 Kick Drum Inside xFer Serum (VST)

808 serum

You know what they sound like and you know that they are amazing!

Unless you’re a die-hard 808 Drum Machine enthusiast, you don’t have to drop $4,000 on a proper Roland machine to get that classic sound!

You can do it in basically any synthesiser! However for this tutorial we’re creating it inside xFer Records Serum VST! We start out with the generic 808 sound and then further transform it into something lethal and crazy. Interested? Check out the tutorial below and stop reading this then ūüėČ
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Timecodes for the tutorial.
Intro – 00:00
Basic 808 Sound – 01:22
Using Filters – 06:02
Distortion – 07:27
Other FX – 09:00
Punchy 808 – 10:19
Listening Session – 11:35
Final Form – 12:17

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